dual space

dual space
the set of all linear functionals whose domain is a given vector space.

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  • Dual space — In mathematics, any vector space, V, has a corresponding dual vector space (or just dual space for short) consisting of all linear functionals on V. Dual vector spaces defined on finite dimensional vector spaces can be used for defining tensors… …   Wikipedia

  • dual space — noun The vector space which comprises the set of linear transformations of a given vector space into its scalar field …   Wiktionary

  • dual space — Math. the set of all linear functionals whose domain is a given vector space. * * * …   Universalium

  • Beta-dual space — In functional analysis and related areas of mathematics, the beta dual or eta dual is a certain linear subspace of the algebraic dual of a sequence space. Definition Given a sequence space X the eta dual of X is defined as:X^{eta}:={x in omega …   Wikipedia

  • Dual curve — Curves, dual to each other; see below for properties. In projective geometry, a dual curve of a given plane curve C is a curve in the dual projective plane consisting of the set of lines tangent to C. There is a map from a curve to its dual,… …   Wikipedia

  • Dual basis — In linear algebra, a dual basis is a set of vectors that forms a basis for the dual space of a vector space. For a finite dimensional vector space V, the dual space V* is isomorphic to V, and for any given set of basis vectors {e1, …, en} of V,… …   Wikipedia

  • Dual norm — The concept of a dual norm arises in functional analysis, a branch of mathematics. Let X be a Banach space with norm . Then the dual space X* is the collection of all continuous linear functionals from X into the base field (which is either R or… …   Wikipedia

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